Welsten Natural Toothpaste 100 G

Rs. 150.0

Welsten Natural toothpaste gives excellent protection to dental & gum problems such as toothache, cavities, sensitivity, etc., and gives you natural white teeth.

Regular toothpaste usage helps your teeth fight plague, tartar, bleeding gums, bacteria, and bad breath. It helps in relieving the sensitivity of the teeth due to cold, heat, and sweets. The good foam gives exceptional freshness and mouthfeel, which lasts for hours.

Welsten Natural toothpaste is loaded with premium natural minerals like Akarkara, Babul, Tomar beej, Clove, Pippali, Vajradanti, Bakul, Vaividang, Yashti, Meswak, Majuphal, Khadir, Lodhra. Welsten- Natural toothpaste contains Irimedadai Taila, an ancient formula for oral care that makes it natural and the most effective.


Welsten natural toothpaste helps in cleaning of teeth and producing fresh breath. Welsten contains ingredients that promote oral health by reducing dental plaque and improving gingival/periodontal health. 

The 13 natural herbs and minerals present in a toothpaste give it an exotic flavor which makes its taste exceptionally good and fresh to the mouth. It is toxic-free, and therefore it is suitable for all, be it children or adults.

If you want healthy gums, then you should focus on their foundation, i.e., strong teeth. Often people purchase toothpaste without reading about its ingredients, but then they face repercussions for their carelessness. So choose your toothpaste wisely.


Why should you choose Welsten toothpaste?

  1. Welsten toothpaste has properties that protect against dental complications like tooth sensitivity, teeth whitening, tooth decay, and gum disease.
  2. It also gives relieve from aromas from strong-flavored foods like garlic or onions.
  3. It strengthens enamel and tries to prevent bleeding.
  4. It is loaded with Premium natural minerals, Akarkara, Babul, Tomar beej, Clove, Pippali, Vajradanti, Bakul, Vaividang, Yashti, Meswak, Majuphal, Khadir, and Lodhra. 
  5. It contains Irimedadai Taila, which is an ancient formula for oral care.
  6. The adequate foam and incredible freshness last for a long time.

To get healthy and germs-free teeth, use Welsten toothpaste twice a day.

Other than brushing, Welsten toothpaste has more uses as it calms down burn or itching on skin, helps cleaning diamonds, remove tea and coffee stains on utensils, absorbs the oil of pimples, and helps in cleaning it, and many more.



  • Strengthens your gums. 

  • Protection against cavities and other dental & gum problems.

  • Incredible freshness which lasts for hours

  • Loaded with Premium natural minerals, akarkara, babool, tomar beej, clove, pippali, vajradanti, and many more.



  • Take a small amount on a toothbrush and brush your teeth

  • Use at least twice a day