Few star benefits of being a Welsten Ambassador:

M. Welsten Coin (WC):

You get WC as

  1. “Welcome Bonus” when joining as a Welsten Ambassador.
  2. You also get WC on every level promotion you achieve
  3. and on various other occasions like your Bday.
You can redeem WC while placing an order on our website

N. Buy at Welsten Ambassador Price (WAP):

Buy all our products at Welsten Ambassador Price (WAP) which is specially designed for special people like you. So, stop buying at MRP and start buying at a much lesser price- WAP :-)

O. Referral Magic:

When you refer a Welsten Ambassador; you get upto 14% Welsten Cash Back (WCB) on his sales- ALWAYS! WCB is transferable to your bank account

P. Privileged Zone:

Like any other brand, Welsten treats its Ambassadors royally and special deals keep coming to you every now and then

Q. Subscription to Welsten Academy:

Being an ambassador, you get a free subscription to Welsten Academy which will help you learn and understand various aspects of product promotions, referrals, marketing, sales and related areas.

R. And a lot more..

It's super easy to become a Welsten Ambassador; just provide a few details and you are done! Click Here To Become a Ambassodor

With more than 11 years of industry experience, each one of our products is very well thought out and formulated.